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Designed in the Colorado and Created with Love and Passion


 With Each Passing Year, 1000K WAYS Adds More Symbols And Modified, Designed Leather Bracelets To Accomplish Perfection. 

The Artist


 Creating beautiful, wearable art has been a passion of mine for as long  as I can remember. When I started 1000K WAYS back in 2008, I wanted to  build a unique brand of jewelry and accessories that brought genuine,  fashionable and affordable products to customers everywhere. 


The inspiration


My influences come from all corners of the world, but I am especially  endeared to the lands of India and Nepal. After visiting in 2008, I  felt so inspired by the art and culture of the region that I wanted to  incorporate it into my jewelry. Having seen such success with my first  efforts, I’ve broadened my styles to include more classic, modern  designs that make the wearer feel confident and grounded.

I have the heart of a traveler, the hands of a healer, and a soul of radiant light. I am so thankful you’ve found me!

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